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We will be uploading all the audios, videos and course notes of various courses conducted by Dr. Poongavanam in due course. All the material can be accessed without any restriction.

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Typing in Tamil

How to type in Tamil ?

You don’t have to know Tamil Typewriting nor do you have to have special software or App installed on your device.

There are a number of on-line editors where you can type in English and get the Tamil words. Generally all of them follow a simple method called Transliteration. You just spell your tamil words in English.

For example, if you want to type “அன்பு” you type “anbu”.
For “ஆசை”, you can type either “Asai” or “aasai”

Various Tamil letters and the corresponding english alphabet that you have to type are as under.

அ   a
ஆ   aa    or A
இ    i
ஈ     ii   or I
உ    u
ஊ   uu   or U
எ     e
ஏ     ee
ஐ    ai
ஒ   o
ஓ    oo  or O
ஔ    au
ஃ      q

க்    k    or  g
ங்   ng
ச்     s   or   ch
ஞ்   nj
ட்    t     or   d
ண்  N
த்     th    or   dh
ந்     w
ப்     p
ம்    m
ய்    y
ர்      r
ல்    l
வ்    v
ழ்     z or zh
ள்    L
ற்     R
ன்    n

க     ka     or   ga
கா   kaa   or   kA
கி     ki
கீ      kii  or kI
கு     ku
கூ    kuu   or kU
கெ   ke
கே    kee   or kE
கை   kai
கொ   ko
கோ   koo or kO
கௌ   kau

ஷ     sha
க்ஷ   ksha
ஸ     Sa
ஹ    ha
ஜ        ja

We have given below the links for some of them. You can try and choose the one that you like.



After typing the sentence, just copy and paste it wherever you want.

Second Sunday Meetings

Many years ago, we used to meet on the Second Sunday of the month to listen to Aiya’s (Dr. Poongavanam) thoughts on various subjects and to share mutual experiences.

The recordings of those events are uploaded here. Since these meetings were conducted in open halls, the quality of the recordings may not be at acceptable level. If any of you can help us improve the quality by some kind of audio processing software, please come forward.

We have provided both listening and download links for all the recordings. In many cases, the full discussion has been split into appropriate parts to go directly to topics of interest.

Please click on the links to expand and show the full content.

2006_08_13 -Stomach Problems

Dr. Poongavanam’s Program on Alternate Medicine in AIR FM Rainbow

In 2013, Dr. Poongavanam was invited by All India Radio’s FM Rainbow Channel to give a talk on Alternate Medicine and to answer listener’s queries.

The full talk has been uploaded to Youtube in five parts.

This is the first of the five parts

This is the second one.

This is the third.

This is the fourth one.

The final one.

2015 Bangalore -Tissue Remedies Course

Dr. Poongavanam conducted a course on Tissue Remedies in Bangalore starting on 22nd Feb 2015.

The entire lecture session has been uploaded to Youtube.  The Youtube playlist containing all the eight parts is https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLRk5MJvEzhDBEpymShqPgoUxtqzvYo4zz

The individual parts are also given here. This is the first of the series.

Part 2 of 8

Part 3 of 8

Part 4 of 8

Part 5 of 8

Part 6 of 8

Part 7 of 8

The final part

The videos have not been edited. Audio quality also may not be very good. We would be very happy if any of you volunteer to help us improve/edit the audio and video.