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தமிழில் தட்டச்சு செய்ய – Typing in Tamil

How to type in Tamil ?

You don’t have to know Tamil Typewriting nor do you have to have special software or App installed on your device.

There are a number of on-line editors where you can type in English and get the Tamil words. Generally all of them follow a simple method called Transliteration. You just spell your tamil words in English.

For example, if you want to type “அன்பு” you type “anbu”.
For “ஆசை”, you can type either “Asai” or “aasai”

Various Tamil letters and the corresponding english alphabet that you have to type are as under.

அ   a
ஆ   aa    or A
இ    i
ஈ     ii   or I
உ    u
ஊ   uu   or U
எ     e
ஏ     ee
ஐ    ai
ஒ   o
ஓ    oo  or O
ஔ    au
ஃ      q

க்    k    or  g
ங்   ng
ச்     s   or   ch
ஞ்   nj
ட்    t     or   d
ண்  N
த்     th    or   dh
ந்     w
ப்     p
ம்    m
ய்    y
ர்      r
ல்    l
வ்    v
ழ்     z or zh
ள்    L
ற்     R
ன்    n

க     ka     or   ga
கா   kaa   or   kA
கி     ki
கீ      kii  or kI
கு     ku
கூ    kuu   or kU
கெ   ke
கே    kee   or kE
கை   kai
கொ   ko
கோ   koo or kO
கௌ   kau

ஷ     sha
க்ஷ   ksha
ஸ     Sa
ஹ    ha
ஜ        ja

We have given below the links for some of them. You can try and choose the one that you like.

After typing the sentence, just copy and paste it wherever you want.