It is often very difficult to locate a Homoeopathy doctor in your city with good references. It is even more difficult to find one when you are on travel in some other city. Here we have tried to compile a database of doctors. However, we would like to make it clear this is not an advertising platform for doctors. The names of doctors would be included if they are recommended by someone who has undergone the treatment and is happy with the doctor. We reserve the right to verify such references before publishing the name of the doctor

The Doctos presently in our database are listed below. The listing is not sorted. As and when someone recommends a Doctor, the name would be added to the list.

Once the list grows large, instead of browsing through the entire list, you might find it easier to locate a doctor in your area, by using the SEARCH facility. Just enter doctor and the city in the search bar and press ENTER. For example, if you enter doctor bangalore , it will get you the list of doctors in Bangalore.